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Grace Residences Overview

Property Developer: SMDC
Project Location: Cayetano Boulevard, Brgy Ususan, Taguig City
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: Starting at 22.31 sqm
Price Range: Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens

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SMDC Grace Residences By SMDC

Grace your life with a luxurious and elegant lifestyle at Grace Residences just as the name suggests. Grace Residences allows you to escape into your very own area of quiet. Grace Residences harmoniously integrates style and convenience. A lifestyle that elevates the quality of its residents' life. This first class residence gives people the chance to start life afresh in a home that inspires them. A home which is defined by luxury, comfort and style. A home that never disappoints is what Grace Residences is.

Grace Residences is a residential address that is dedicated at providing premium living to its residents and creating an ambiance for a superb dwelling.

There is nothing good than living in a home that brings out the aspect of affluence. Grace Residences is one to be admired for its features. The residents get to enjoy the first rate elevators that ensure that their movement from one floor to another is swift and fast. In addition each resident has access to the mailroom. Life can never be better than life at Grace Residences. To add onto that, there is a standby generator that serves the common areas and the elevators in case of power blackout. Grace Residences is obsessed with hygiene and that is why there is a centralized garbage disposal area for the residents. This shows that the residents are well cared for. Apart from that, the residents get to shop at their residence. There is a commercial area at the ground floor of Tower A. The residence incorporates style and convenience.

Nothing is better than owning a home at Grace Residences as one gets to live in a building that is long lasting. It is disappointing to buy a home then after a few weeks it starts crumbling down. This is not the case with Grace Residence. The residence hives its residents a first class lifestyle by whereby the buildings and amenities are long lasting. Durable amenities and facilities is the signature of SMDC developers. Stay safe and comfortable in Grace Residences. A residence that one can build their dream home at since it is the right place to invest in. The first rate residence is developed with modern tropical design in order to keep its residents safe and comfortable in a stylish manner.

Owning a home at Grace Residence is the first thing that comes to those who want to invest in things that have a lasting value and at an affordable price. Grace Residence is a home that gives its residents a five-star lifestyle but in an affordable rate. There are various terms of payment options which the residents can choose from. Furthermore, there are discounts given to residents who choose to pay the amount in certain options. Grace Residents gives its residents greater value for their investment as they get to enjoy more.

Comprising of four towers, Grace Residence allows its residents to cherish time with family and friends as they unwind in a verdant setting in the green grass. The well kept garden is all a person needs to have a blissful moment with their friends and family. Nothing says it better than Grace Residences. A residence that appreciates the coming together of family and friends.

Grace Residence offers a luxurious lifestyle that many people aspire for. The elegant residential suites give the residents a first class, five star lifestyle that is otherwise not found elsewhere. Furthermore, this lifestyle can be enjoyed by everyone as Grace Residences is an ideal reprieve for starting and growing families. The world renowned residence allows its residents to relax and bond with their loved ones at the development's host of excellent amenities. In addition it offers a wide array of living options suited for one's needs and lifestyle. The resort like amenities provide the residents with a relaxing revitalizing sanctuary that keeps out the daily pressures of work and school. Those who are seeking for adventure and a relaxing getaway, may you stop for Grace Residence is there to provide them to you.

What makes Grace Residences in Taguig city so affordable

In as much as Grace Residences provide a five star living experience to its residents, it is much more affordable than how many people think.

Grace Residences are quite affordable because it does not target the wealthy but it targets people with middle income who are looking to invest in something that they will not regret later. This residence looks to give a plrasiranle experience to its residents: a five star lifestyle and not those who are already living a five star life but if one is already living such kind of life and are looking to move into Grace Residences well and good, you are welcomed.

What is making it even more affordable is the flexible terms of payment for the homes. There are various terms of payment which are considerate of the residents. Furthermore, some of the terms of payment come with discounts. What else would one want apart from a luxurious, comfortable and affordable home? Life has been made easier by SMDC.

Grace Residences units are so affordable yet they offer the residents  with wonderful experience in sophisticated quarters.

Your questions on Grace Residences

It is normal for one to ask themselves so many questions before deciding to buy a home. Well, those questions are answered.

If it is about convenience, well, relax for Grace Residences has it right. Grace Residences was designed for utmost relaxation and convenience in mind. Leave all your worries about convenience as this magnificent residence is close to key destinations in the city. Those studying have nothing to worry about as some of the major schools in the country are located just a few minutes from the residential area. Enjoy the convenience of staying near the GOP schools. The Korean International School and the Enderun Colleges are just a short walk from Grace Residences. There is no more arriving late at school. In addition, hospitals are just around the corner for instance the CruzeRabe Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital which are a short walk from the residence's premises. In addition to that, shopping malls are easily accessible from this residence for instance the Market!Market! Mall and the SM Aura Premier are a few minutes away from the residence. As a resident of Grace Residences, one gets to enjoy the convenience of living right at a commercial area. One of the three toers of this residence has a commercial area at the ground floor.  Furthermore, the BGC is right beside this magnificent residence. These residents have nothing to complain about.

Nothing feels better than living near the key destinations in the city.

Does the residence have the basic facilities and amenities?

The answer to this would be a big yes. There are more than enough facilities in this residence; a standby generator in case of power blackout, 2 elevators for the first tower and 4 elevators for the other three towers, a mailroom, garbage disposal area on every floor and so much more. Ad for the amenities, this I'd the place to be. The residents of Grace Residences get to enjoy first class amenities right at their doorstep. There are several swimming pools, basketball court, children's play area, lawn area, pavilion and a function room. The residence also appreciates healthy and wellness living by providing a gym to the residents. With these kind of amenities right at the residents' doorsteps what will prevent them from banishing stress by nesting it all away? These facilities ensure that the residents do not leave the comfort of their homes in such of fun, happiness or luxury. This is the convenience of a modern life.

What about the means of transportation?

What about it? Is it good or bad? Well, as seen nothing is bad at Grace Residences and so is the means of transportation. The residence is located near major terminals of the city thus making it easy for the residents to move from one place to another. SMDC are the most mindful developers for everything is in order including transportation. Nothing is better than a lifestyle which requires no hustle.

Are the homes spacious enough for me and my family?

The units are just right for your needs whether as a young family or a growing one. Grace Residences is designed to suit everyone's needs. The units are quite spacious and for those who feel like they need note space there is always the option to combine two units. With a home at Field Residences whether as a family person or a single person everything suits your daily needs. Live a privileged lifestyle with your family in a convenient, luxurious and stylish home. A home that delivers exclusive and distinctive living experience to you by providing refined structure of features to bring comfort within your reach.

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SMDC SMDC Grace Residences in Taguig City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase SMDC Grace Residences, then check here first. We have full details of SMDC Grace Residences updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

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SMDC Grace Residences Location

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SMDC Grace Residences Amenities

SMDC Grace Residences - Price List

SMDC Grace Residences For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bed + Balcony ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 22.30 Other Cuts Available
1 Bed Deluxe + Balcony ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 26.02 Other Cuts Available
1 Bed End Unit + Balcony ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 26.38 Other Cuts Available
1 Bedroom ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens 31 Other Cuts Available

Why Invest In  SMDC Grace Residences

Currently at pre-selling stage

Except for tower 1, which is all sold out, the 3 remaining towers are currently on pre-selling status, meaning its introductory price is still the lowest being offered on a residential development of this scale. This is the most convenient time to put your valuable investment as prices are still at the bottom-end as of this date and are expected to rise steeply once construction is done. Tower 2 has an expected turnover date in the 3rd quarter of 2016, Tower 3 will be available for occupancy on the 2nd quarter of 2017, while Tower 4 is scheduled on the 2nd quarter for 2018. 

The structures will never get old

Designed and built through SMDC’s all reliable and efficient construction method, the Grace Residences is expected to have perfectly graceful form even after several generations, your forebears will still benefit from its elegance with its price soaring above the sky. Even if you have to sell your unit unexpectedly into the future, you can still have the best deal. Unlike conventional condo developments, Grace Residences is a timeless piece of engineering.

Perfect location

Ever imagine your residence slowly grows and one day you will find that it is the core of everything? Well, that is what happening to the Grace Residences, as its location is currently the envy of most property developers being near the BGC’s rapid expansion, it is still far from its dust and noise. Consequently, as Makati is also a few minutes away in opposite direction, you live immaculately under the spell of utmost privacy and serenity. Truly a perfect hideaway for ultimate relaxation and comfort. 

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