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Grace Residences is also a center for play and other active sports. Its amenities are strategically situated at the foot of each tower. Situated at the base of each tower, it contains premier amenities for its populace. The Lily Tower has a basketball court, a jogging path and playground - a center of play and active sport. Tulip Tower comes with a lap pool while Violet Tower comes with a leisure pool and kiddie pool ideal for play and regenerative actives for the body and mind. In addition, Violet tower includes amenities include for meditation, stone massage and yoga area – ideal for relaxing and passive activities. And lastly, for its residences' convenience the Orchid tower provides access conventional retails perfect for the everyday living.

  • 3 Swimming Pools
  • Gym and Fitness Center
  • Jogging Path
  • Function Rooms
  • Outdoor Basketball Court
  •  Meditation Area
  • Stone Foot Massage
  • Yoga areas
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Upgrade your living experience at Grace Residences. The apartment has expansive open spaces, special access to all the relevant area in the metro and the five-star recreational amenities. Living at the Grace Residences will always offer you a great day whether you will end up taking a tour or picnic at the verdant grounds or doing your favorite laps in the swimming pool.  

Grace Residences consist of highly rated amenities that fulfills an individual’s urge for invigoration when starting their great day, or when they are just coming home from their long day of work. The apartment is created to give enough spaces for leisure activities, socialization, and interactions that is required in a place to call home.

All the inhabitants have assured peace of mind while staying at the SMDC Grace Residences which has dedicated and efficient project management team. The team is concerned with the maintenance and upkeep of all perimeter grounds and also the management of daily services.

 Grace Residences provide a home that gives all that a homeowner will ever need and want and give you plenty reason to come back to your elegant home.

The residence is created to have swimming pools for its inhabitants, both old and the young. The developers of Grace Residences ensured there is a swimming pool on the premises which will assist the inhabitants’ health wise. Swimming is a perfect recreational activity for all human beings, both the children and the adults. Swimming activity is a great method of feeling good as well as gives you a relaxation feeling, and it can also give one a low-impact workout. You can teach yourself the popular common swimming styles like the freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, and breaststroke. Also, swimming activity is one of the best workouts because an individual propels the whole body against the water resistance. Swimming helps us in maintaining our heart rate and also take some impact stress far away just from your whole body. It also builds endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and body muscles strength. Via swimming activity, our health and weight are properly maintained. Swimming offers us with all-over body workout because all the muscles are involved in the swimming process.

Grace Residences consist of one bedroom units, Family Suites, Studio, and two bedrooms that one can choose. All the available Family Suites have flexible places that the homeowners can change them to the home office for fresh businesses or an enjoyable entertainment area for the family or a nursery room for all your children.  The family Suites can also be combined to provide plenty space for the growing families.

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